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Regardless of the genre you sing, I can help you develop your voice to its greater potential. In as little as one lesson, you will acquire some of the tools that will help you improve your vocal tone, range, power and overall vocal ability, all without losing any of your personal and unique traits.

My approach isn't a technical or mysterious one, it's all about re-learning the facts about how the voice functions best. Expect to clear away a lot of confusion regarding how the voice works and to take away the guesswork from the vocal development process.

Also, I believe that by discovering your voice and how it works, you will also discover other things about life and yourself. And that sure is a nice bonus, if you ask me!

If you feel you are ready to embark on an awesome journey, please don't hesitate to inquire about lessons with me!


My approach is quite simple yet very effective at developing the voice. To me, there are two basic levels that every singer must address. The first one is addressing the condition of the body and voice and the second one is addressing the functioning of the voice and body.


Silent Foundation

The silent foundation refers to the condition of your instrument as it is silent. If we are looking at the body as an instrument that sings (which it is), we first have to make sure that our instrument is in good condition. How healthy is your instrument? Is it well rested, well hydrated and loose? Or is it tired, dehydrated and tense? As you could guess the condition of your instrument will have a significant impact on the quality of the sounds you can make. So the first thing to be addressed is how is your instrument doing while it’s silent, before it starts making sound?


Conditioning of Singing Behaviors

This is where we get busy. Once we have a well rested, healthy, hydrated and relaxed instrument we can start working it out to condition our singing behaviors to be reflexive, reliable and strong. The way to do this is through a series of vocal exercises that will condition your voice to respond to the desires of your heart. Whatever it is that you want to express will be possible once your instrument is conditioned to the point where there is no gap between what you want to express and your ability to do so. Learning to sing is all about learning how to express yourself without barriers. You should be able to develop enough range, power, control and skill so that you can express your heart without feeling like you’re incapable of achieving what you pursue. To achieve these abilities training is often necessary.

"The difference between someone who "makes it" and someone who "doesn't" is the degree of belief in oneself. You can achieve what you want, but only if you believe in yourself."

                     -- Gabriel

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