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Q: Can anybody learn to sing?

A: Anybody who is fit to speak and that has the desire to learn how to sing well, along with the willingness to explore his or her voice can learn to sing. Singing is a physical skill and the requirements to learn how to sing are the same requirements to learn any other skill: desire, dedication, work and commitment. If you have these attitudes toward singing, then yes, you can learn to sing. Nobody can give these to anyone though. It is a myth that you either have it or you don’t when it comes to singing, but it is not a myth that you either have it or you don’t when it comes to your desire to learn.

Q: Do I need voice lessons?

A: It depends, do you want voice lessons? Voice lessons will introduce you to many new perspectives and approaches that can certainly improve the quality of your singing, depending on how you approach them. Voice lessons are the same as piano lessons, dance lessons and swimming lessons. If you want to improve your skills at any of these things, lessons would certainly be a good idea.

Q: How much are voice lessons?

A: It depends, like everything else, some instructors charge less and some charge more. They usually range anywhere from US$35 an hour and up to US$200 an hour.

Q: Why is there a charge for voice lessons?

A: Because the people who teach voice have bills to pay just like most adults do. Voice instructors offer a valuable service in exchange for a fee. The capitalistic system that our society is built on requires that in most cases voice lessons come with a price.

Q: How long does it take to learn to sing?

A: This depends on many things, it depends on the quality of both the teacher and the student and the quality of the work they do together, and again it is like most things. It depends on how much you practice, how well you practice and where you are in your individual development. Everybody is in a different place when they start and everybody is a unique case. Depending on who you are and who your instructor is, improvement can sometimes be expected within a single lesson and then real lasting improvement can be expected to come within six months.

Q: How can I expand my range?

A: To expand your range you need to do vocal exercises that encourage the development of flexibility within your larynx. There are many exercises that will help you expand your range, but it is important to know that it takes time to achieve this expansion.

Q: How can I become famous?

A: Becoming famous is one thing, learning to sing is another. Learning to sing well may or may not help you become famous, but they are two different things altogether. There isn’t a specific formula to become famous, there are many different paths that can lead to fame, and they all involve getting a lot of attention from many people. There are healthy ways to achieve this and unhealthy ways to do it. Use your common sense and you will know the difference. Developing your voice to its full potential could be a great healthy place to start.

Q: Why am I never happy with the sound of my voice?

A: There could be different reasons for this, they could be based in reality or based on judgments you place on yourself. Either way, with the help of a professional you could become aware of what it is that is creating this situation for you and you can have more perspective and overcome the discomfort that comes from not liking your own voice. This is a very common condition.

"The greatest obstacle to becoming the star that each one of us is, is our own innocent ignorance about the truth of who we really are. We are all unique, special and different, just like stars are."

                      -- Gabriel


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