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A more affordable option to one-on-one lessons with me is to purchase my pre-recorded downloadable lessons. These lessons will help you develop your voice on your own and at your own pace. To securely purchase and download a lesson click on the green "buy" button, all purchases are processed through PayPal. (A new page will open to start the secure checkout process.)

Gabriel Weiner's Vocal Warm-Up

Learn how to efficiently warm-up your voice with my recorded guidance. Warming up is vital for us singers. Warming up will dramatically improve the quality of the voice and if done correctly will give us confidence and strength to sing from our hearts!

Fundamental Voice Lesson

Learn the basics of my vocal development approach, this product covers the basic principles of my teaching and it gets you on your way to becoming a great singer. Learn about how the voice works and how to make it better!

Advanced Voice Lesson
Coming Soon!


Secrets To Superstardom
Coming Soon!


Also Available At In-Studio Vocal Care Store
Water - Coconut Water - Slippery Elm Lozenges - Cough Lozenges - Throat Coat Tea - Organic Honey - Emergen-C

"With consistent use of downloadable lessons you will improve your tone, increase your range, develop confidence, release tension, increase power, discover possibilities, learn to warm-up, heal vocal damage as well as get many more benefits for yourself and your voice!"

                   -- Gabriel



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